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Watch Repair & Co. Watch Repair Limited Warranty

Need a warranty? You got it. Nothing is as important as peace of mind, and we at Watch Repair & Co. offer several limited repair warranties according to the level of service that you purchase:

Quartz Watch Overhaul –1 year coverage from date of Invoice.

Quartz Watch Tuneup –
90 days coverage from date of Invoice.

High Grade Mechanical and Quartz Watch – 12 months coverage from date of Invoice. Some watches will qualify for extended coverage up to a maximum of 24 months (these will be specified at time of repair). This warranty only covers the parts installed at the time of repair.

Kinetic Watch Service – The capacitor/battery is covered for 1 year from date of invoice on Tuneup service.

Complete Kinetic service – all movement parts Watch Repair & Co. installs and the capacitor/battery are covered for 1 year. If the watch is not worn for a period of time and the battery is allowed to drain completely the warranty is void.

The above warranty is void if the watch is NOT worn regularly. The watch does not need to be worn during the night. If the customer uses a genuine Seiko Kinetic Energy supplier the warranty is valid. Any other “charging” device or watch winder use voids the warranty. No refunds will be given.

Watch Battery Replacement – The original purchaser of a qualified service can return the watch to Watch Repair & Co., at the purchaser’s expense for battery replacement and pressure test (no other free service is performed) for the life of the watch or for as long as the original purchaser of the service owns the watch. No additional work is performed under the watch battery replacement terms of warranty. Return postage is the responsibility of the owner of the watch. Return postage is $30 unless prepaid postage is provided with the watch when sent in under this warranty. 5 year battery warranty is limited to replacement of the battery free from the date of invoice for 5 years. This is not a battery that will last for 5 years but a warranty that we will replace it during that 5 years. The purchaser is responsible for shipping in both directions.

Parts Replaced – during the service performed on the customers watch are warranted to be free from defects and if found defective will be replaced at no charge to the customer. Damage caused by the defective parts is not covered under any warranty. Watch Repair & Co. does not make parts for watches and therefore cannot guarantee the quality of any part. Watch Repair & Co. uses only the highest quality parts available from the industries best suppliers and manufacturers. Parts that are not replaced during service are not warranted. Labor is not warranted.

Exclusions of Warranty – The following are not covered under any warranty:

  • Damage from Abuse, Neglect, Modification, Shock.
  • Water Damage.
  • Watch Bracelets and Watch Bands
  • Crystals
  • Crowns and Stems
  • Balance Staffs
  • Parts not replaced by Watch Repair & Co.
  • Repairs made by anyone other than Watch Repair & Co., opening of the watch by anyone other than Watch Repair & Co.
  • Labor
  • Damage caused by defective parts.

Water Resistance – We may pressure test your watch if that service is purchased and will verify that your watch passed the ISO standards for your watch before it has left Watch Repair & Co. We cannot guarantee water resistance after it leaves because we have no control over what might happen to the watch once it leaves Watch Repair & Co.

What NOT to do With Your Watch – Doing any of the following will void your limited warranty and may severely damage your watch:

  • Expose your watch to oils or solvents.
  • Expose your watch to chemicals like Chlorine for pools and any other chemical.
  • Shower with your watch on. Do not expose your watch to soapy, hot, high pressure water
  • Wear your watch in a Hot Tub
  • Wear your watch in a Sauna
  • Leave your watch in the pocket of your clothes and then wash/dry your clothes.
  • Drop your watch from several feet high where it lands on a hard surface. Certainly not from several stories high onto any surface.
  • Run over the watch with your car.
  • Leave the screw down crown unscrewed and then submerse the watch in any liquid.
  • Operate any push buttons under water or when the watch is wet.
  • Operate the crown on your watch while it is under water or wet.
  • Try to open the watch to see what was done or what is wrong.
  • Have a different company or watchmaker open your watch to see what is wrong or what was done.
  • Subject your watch to extreme hard vibrations like when you pull start a chainsaw or lawn mower or any other kind of sudden hard shock.

Note, that not even the original manufacturer will warranty your watch in any of these instances.

Cases Where Full Repair and Accuracy is Not Possible

There are certain cases that, even after everything is properly repaired by Watch Repair & Co., your watch may not be able to be regulated with a high level of accuracy. This is especially true with vintage watches, watches that have been neglected, severely damaged, or improperly repaired by another person or service, or not been properly kept or serviced prior to sending to Watch Repair & Co. In this case, Watch Repair & Co. will work with you to get the best possible results, so long as you’re willing to work with us.

All warranties are specified by the level of service you pay for, the condition of the watch, and the specifics that the watchmaker states in your emailed estimate. There are times when a watch can no longer be sealed for water resistance. When this is determined we will notify you either at the time the estimate is given or when the problem shows itself.

If a Problem Develops During the Warranty Period the Customer Must Contact Watch Repair & Co. Within 24 Hours to Notify us of the Problem.

To notify Watch Repair & Co. the customer must submit a Contact form. Failure to do this voids the warranty. After notifying Watch Repair & Co. the watch then must be sent in for warranty repair as soon as is indicated by Watch Repair & Co. Failure to send the watch back within the specified time will void the warranty.

This warranty is only for the original repair service and does not extend past any warranty work performed. No further warranty is given after warranty repair is performed.

No Refunds Will be Given.

Purchaser is Responsible for Shipping Charges in Both Directions.

No Other Warranties are Implied. Watch Repair & Co. will not Honor any Verbal Warranties Implied or Expressed by its Employees. This Warranty is Subject to Change Without Notice.

Your Complete Warranty will be Provided When Your Watch is Returned to You. The Warranty on Your Specific Watch May Have Restrictions or Modifications Depending on Your Watch. The Warranty Provided with Your Watch Supersedes the Above Warranty.

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