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Professional NYC Watch Repair


An overhaul sounds great for that old, worn-down watch! So what exactly is an overhaul?

Overhauls are several services combined into one, provided for watches that need it in order to get into good mechanical condition for daily use and wear. It’s like our restoration service, but less intensive.

So what’s the difference between an overhaul and a restoration? Overhauls are done for more modern watches, and typically aren’t as drastic as restorations, and thus aren’t as time consuming or expensive. But if you want your watch to look and work as much like new as possible, you might consider paying more for a restoration.

Is an overhaul right for you? Well, we’ll tell you what we do, and you can judge for yourself. In an overhaul, we’ll make sure your watch performs well, is as water- or dust-resistant as possible, and gets to a decent overall condition.


What We Do:

  1. We clean the movements manually, mechanically, and ultrasonically.
  2. We repair and refurbish the movements as necessary, and have them electronically timed.
  3. We lightly polish the cases and bracelets to give it a little more shine.
  4. We rebuild or replace worn or defective movement parts, gaskets, crystals, and crowns,
  5. We re-seal, dust-proof, and pressure test the watch as needed, depending on the make and features of the watch.
  6. We can even add special services like dial refinishing or case refinishing, done on request.
  7. And more!

We recommend you get an overhaul every 5 to 7 years as part of a basic maintenance schedule, or sooner if your watch has been performing poorly. We guarantee our work for one year after the overhaul is completed.

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