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Valuable Tips to Extend the Life of Your Rolex

5 Valuable Tips to Extend the Life of Your Rolex

Whether a first-time Rolex watch investor or an avid collector, it is important to properly care for these delicate timepieces. While Rolex is well-known for their durability, to retain value and longevity they require care and attention just like a luxury automobile. Continue reading to learn valuable tips to extend the life of your Rolex:

1. Wearing of Your Rolex Watch

Although Rolex is renowned for its durability, dings and scratches are unavoidable during wear. Should the need arise, replacing the sapphire crystal and bezel due to damage will be costly. Depending on the age of the watch, the materials used for the crystal and bezel vary.

To help keep dust, dirt, and water out of your watch ensure the winding crown is screwed into the case when wearing your watch.

2. Cleaning of Your Rolex Watch

Built-up grime and dirt not only dulls the appearance of your Rolex, over time the bracelet stretches out. A weekly wash is recommended if you wear your watch every day. Using warm water and a mild soap, simple wash a full metal Rolex watch. To reach hard to reach areas you can use a soft brush and be sure to dry with a soft cloth when soap is washed off.

3. Storing of Your Rolex Watch

It’s important to properly store your watch when not wearing. The box it came in works well, or in a watch box with other watches. Be sure however not to store them on top of each other to avoid scratches. Also, keep away from electronics and direct sunlight. Watch winders are an excellent investment to keep your watch running when storing.

4. Maintaining Your Rolex Watch

If there are scratches on your Rolex case, crystal, and bracelet that are bothersome to you but there is still some time to go yet before your next servicing, perhaps you may consider using some at-home methods to remove these scratches. These methods include polishing pastes, solutions, and clothes to get the job done.

5. Service of Your Rolex Watch

It is advisable to send in your Rolex watch for service every couple of years. A full service of your Rolex watch includes cleaning, polishing, and buffing to where it will look as new as possible. Also, if needed any damaged parts may be replaced. Performance is also checked.

With a little bit of attention, you can expect your Rolex watch to last for years to come.

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